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Brown people

We were watching America’s Funniest Home video, they were showing clips on pets.

My 4 yr-old Munchkin said “Brown people don’t have pets”. Her father asked “What do you mean Brown People?”

She pointed at everyone in the room including herself. Her father “You mean Black people”

She said pointing at the back of her hand “This is not black, this is brown. And brown people don’t have pets”.

The power of observation of a 4 yr-old.


my 4-year-old

Dee is my 4-year-old, so I brought her old toys out for her baby sister who is 11 months old. Dee wants to play with them and I said “You do know you are too old to play with those.” Dee answered “Mummy, I am a big kid not OLD.”

Who knows any 4-year-old who does not want to grow old,  or complain about being called old?


I am officially unemployed.

So I have a lot of time on my hands or so I thought, with a 4yrs old and 11month old, there is no time. Anyway I decided to use my time on the internet to work for me.

With only some domain names, wordpress blog and a few ideas, HELLO WORLD. Here I come


I am still waiting for comments people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just buying time anyway, I am using this time to enjoy myself, before embarking on a diet and exercise regiment.

My Biggest Loser

My name is Bunmi, I am in my thirties. I have been trying to loose weight for 4 years, between having my 2 girls, one 4 yrs old the other 11 months old, I gained 50 pounds.

I have not weighed myself in 3 years. Even while pregnant last year,I refused to look and at the scale at every antennal visit and begged the nurses not to let me know. when I couldn’t button my shirts, i told myself it because i am nursing. i am struggling to button my size 14 pants without my BODY MAGIC (i can wear size 12 comfortably with the body magic).

Guys i am 5 foot 4 inches tall who is struggling to wear size 14 dresses, hello can somebody hear me? i need HELP people. HEEEELLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t even know where to start. Can’t starve myself, i’m nursing, I don’t even know how.

my blog

I am back, i am willing to make this work.
Still dont know what my story line is going to be. I am open to suggestions.

olympic openning glitch

I guess Canadians are comedians through and through, they can laugh at their own mistakes. check out the skit in the closing ceremony.


Phew, The hockey is over!!!!!!!!!!

At least we got the silver medal and we top the medal table.

cant wait to see the closing ceremony, hopefully without a glitch.

Slowly but surely

i know this is coming up slowly, i will get there.


I need one.