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This Ardyss Body Magic is a truly impressive garment. Designed by orthopedic surgeons to provide support as well as create curves, the Body Magic is actually good for you to wear. This Body Magic shaper is one of the best body slimmers on the market, taking you down several dress sizes. The Ardyss Body Magic gives you a whole new look instantly, creating a slimmer you more effectively than other body wrap shapewear.

The way the Body Magic shaper works is to redistribute any irregularities to areas where they will be better appreciated, hence the name Body Magic! Ardyss Body Magic also has built in panels to help give your bottom that extra lift and slim out your hips. You’ll fit into dresses and outfits that are 2-4 sizes below your actual size and look great in them.

Body slimmers are an excellent way to trim your body down to size and you’ll find that with the Ardyss Body Magic, after wearing it regularly, you will be able to tighten it since your body actually adjusts to the changes! With this body wrap shapewear, you’ll look and feel great in any clothing. Buy yours today and start fitting back into those clothes you thought were done forever.

Reshape your lower body with this body shaper. It redistributes your irregularities to more desirable area. Features • Made of sturdy, lightweight fabric • With 3 rows of hooks for easy adjustment • With shoulder straps with 3-row hooks to correct your posture • Supports your back • With side panels that make your hips thinner and lift your butt • With hook opening in the leg area Additional Product Information • Available in colors Black, Beige and White •

 Available in sizes 26-44

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